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We were part of the recent International Yoga Day held on 21st June 2016

@National High School, Yeldur. Kolar dist

Glad to be associated with Yoga Utsav Team.

  • Around 300 kids and school staff practiced Hata Yoga.
  • 200 kids received free notebooks.

Our sincere thanks to our supports and contributors for donating generously.

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We are village Kids!

We are 100% non-government supported organization, purely running on support from volunteers and donors.

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Free Computer Education:

Kids India Trust (R)

International Yoga Day - 2016

We discovered that basic computer knowledge helps kids to improve their quality of education.

Now we are taking the plunge into rural technology and building awareness around it, the digital media revolution has already begun.

By knowing computers village kids can boost their studies. We aim to change the rural infrastructure, education and standard of living dramatically, learn how our initiative may help them.

  • It helps for them to be innovative in their studies.
  • Computers help them to connect with the word.
  • For the betterment of their own socio-economic and educational status.
  • We use internet and computers as a medium to improve villager’s agricultural/business practices.
  • We make them understand the new blooming technologies, and suggest growing on time. 
  • We work by assisting computer-aided learning. Computers are considered as an asset. These are major draw to bring innovation in kids. For children computer is a very exciting machine. We teach fundamentals of computers. 


(1) Work on Infrastructure (Building , furniture and Computing Recourses).

(2) Power Supply – electricity is not constant in rural India, we focus on alternatives like power back ups, solar energy etc.

(3) Skilled Faculty - We pay for quality and qualified teachers.